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Investor Complaints Against Brokers Soar

The Government Accountability Office reports that seniors lose several billion dollars a year to financial fraud.

At the Mark A. Tepper Law firm, we are dedicated to investment fraud recovery and protecting the rights of our clients who have been victims of securities or stockbroker fraud. We fight for the recovery of losses they have suffered, often at a time in their lives when the preservation of savings and income is so important. Many of our clients are elderly, in retirement, and relying on recommendations from their brokers that do not place their irreplaceable savings at risk. 

Representing Investor Clients: Attorney Mark Tepper talks with The Sun Sentinel.

We strive every day to provide greater value for our clients. It is a value based on more than 35 years in the practice of securities law and representing individual investors with claims against their brokers.

Don’t blame yourself – Take Action to seek recovery of your losses

Sometimes an investor may be embarrassed that they were taken advantage of by their broker and feel foolish. They may think – we chose the broker, so we must be at fault.
The answer is a resounding No! – It is not your fault.

Your stockbroker has a responsibility to make recommendations that are in your best interest and explain all risks.
If your stockbroker’s recommendations involve excessive risk, and are inconsistent with your financial situation and needs, that is a violation of the securities laws.